Tips to take care of your hands


The hands say a lot about the people, they are the part of our body with which we present ourselves to people when greeting them.

We must take into account to dedicate time, at least once a day, for its maintenance, because with them we usually perform the largest of our daily activities.

have some tips that will be of great help to show them impeccable:

Protect them with plastic gloves for activities where you have to handle chemicals such as disinfectants, dishwashers, softeners and other products that cause dryness.
Wash them to remove all dirt, more bacteria that can cause infections that affect the area of ​​the skin.

Sometimes the dirt accumulates in the nails, to eliminate it completely, you can facilitate the cleaning with a toothbrush. You can also brush the whole hand to remove the dead cells that usually stay in the dermis.

The exfoliation serves to eliminate all the dead cells that accumulate in our dermis.
You can moisturize them with creams or oils. It is recommended to carry out this step after having disinfected them, because when we moisten our skin, it absorbs with greater ease the properties of the product.

Maintaining the nails with an appropriate size also influences the aesthetic image of your hands. Before using the nail clipper, we recommend applying a bit of cuticle cream, if you do not have one at the moment, a little moisturizing lipstick will also be useful to soften this area and facilitate the process.

Perform a manicure take into account the good habits around the health of our hands, should be part of our beauty routine, so cut, file and paint the nails at least once a week, provide a better look at the aesthetic image of your hands.

For men also applies the manicure Yes, as you read! Of course, instead of placing colored enamel, they add a hardening shine. The hands say a lot about the hygiene of the person, so keep in mind this routine of beauty without taboos, in addition a man with healthy hands is more attractive in view of the girls.

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